Learn Hindi 9 – In Hotel

kya is hotel mei koee kamara upalabdh hai?
Is there any room available in this hotel?

ek bedroom ke liye aap kitna shulk lete hai?
What do you charge for single bedroom?

mai raat ka khana order karana chaahoonga.
I would like to order dinner.

kripaya dinner mere kamare me bheje.
Please send dinner in my room.

mai ek ghante ke liye baahar ja raha hoo.
I am going out for an hour.

mujhe ek cup chaay chaahiye.
I want a cup of tea.

kripaya mere visitors ko mere kamare me bheje.
Please send my visitors to my room.

kya mujhe thanda paanee mil sakata hai?
Can I get cold water?

kya is hotel me fitness suvidha hai?
Does this hotel have a fitness facility?

kya gym ke liye atirikt shulk hai?
Is there an additional surcharge for the gym?

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