Learn Hindi 8 – Phone Conversation

John: Hello Lily, mai John bol rahaa hu. Tum kaisee ho?
JOHN: Hello Lily, it’s John. How are you?

Lily: Namste John! mai abhee aapake baare me hee soch rahee thee.
Lily: Hello John! I was just thinking about you.

John: bahut achchhaa, aapakee bhaarat yaatra kaise rahee?
JOHN: That’s nice. How was your India trip?

Lily: oh, yah bahut achchha tha.
Lily: Oh, that was great.

John: aapaka parivaar kaisa hai?
JOHN: How is your family?

Lily: har koee theek hai.
Lily: Everyone is fine.

John: vahaa par mausam kaisa hai?
JOHN: how is the weather over there?

Lily: abhi baarish ho rahee hai.
Lily: Its raining now.

John: fir milenge. alavida.
JOHN: See you. Bye.

Lily: alavida.
Lily: Bye.

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