Learn Hindi 7 – Use of Why and When

aap late kyu hai?
Why are you late?

aap chinta kyo karate hain?
Why do you worry?

aapane aisa kyon kiya?
Why did you behave like that?

tumane mujhe phone kyo nahi kiya?
Why did not you call me?

ham dobaara kab mil sakate hai?
When can we meet again?

aap snaan kab karate hain?
When do you take bath?

aap subah kab uthate hain?
When do you get up in the morning?

aapne yah course kab shuru kiya?
When did you join this course?

aap hamase milane kab aa rahe hain?
When are you coming to us?

aap ravi se kab mile?
When did you meet Ravi?

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