Learn Hindi 5 – Use of What and Where

aap kya chaahate hai?
What do you want ?

tum kya kar rahe ho?
what are you doing?

tumne apane pita ko kya kahaa?
what did you say to your father?

jeevan me aapaka lakshy kya hai?
what is your aim in life?

yah kaun saa station hai?
which station is this?

aap usake baare mein kya sochate hain?
what do you think of him?

aapaka shauk kya hai?
What is your hobby?

aap kahaa rahate hai?
Where do you live?

aap kahaa jayenge?
where will you go?

apanee car kahaan se khareeda?
From where did you buy your car?

aap sabjiyaan kahaa se khareedate hai?
Where do you buy vegetables?

meree kitaabe kahaa hai?
Where are my books?

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