Learn Hindi 4 – Future tense sentences

vah kal vahaa jaayega.
He will go there tomorrow.

ve cricket nahi khelenge.
They will not play cricket.

kya tum yahaa aaoge?
Will you come here?

ve ek post likh rahe honge.
They will be writing a post.

vah school nahi ja rahee hogi.
She will not be going to school.

kya vah mera intazaar kar rahee hogi?
Will she waiting for me?

vah pareeksha de chukaa hoga.
He will have taken the test.

mai vahaan nahin jaa chuka ho-unga.
I shall not have gone there.

kya aapane ek blog likh chuke honge?
Will you have written a blog?

ve Switzerland jaane kee taiyaaree kar rahe honge.
They will have been preparing to leave for Switzerland.

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