Learn Hindi 10 – Shopping

kshama kare. kya aap meree madad kar sakate hai?
Excuse me. Can you help me?

mai sasta chashma kahaan khareed sakata hoo?
Where can I buy an inexpensive glasses?

isakee keemat kitanee hai?
How much does it cost?

main ise khareedana chaahoonga
I would like to purchase it.

ye, mera credit card lo.
Here, take my credit card

mai iss TV ko khareedana chahataa hu.
I am interested in buying this television

aap ise kitane me bech rahe hain?
How much are you selling it for?

yah bahut mahanga hai
That is too expensive for me.

main iss dress ko badalana chaahata hu.
I would like to exchange this dress.

kya aaj koee sale hai?
Are there any sales today?

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