Easy and Most Effective Meditation Technique

The human mind is the most powerful machine on the earth working 24X7 lifetime without rest. Scientific study has shown, if you are not a yogi, then approximately 60000 thoughts come every day. What will happen, if we could reduce these thoughts as much as possible? then definitely our brain will get more rest. Which will increase our brain power and focus.

Then the question comes how? and the answer is meditation. meditation is one of the most powerful technique to reduce stress.

In many research, it has been proved again and again that even a single session of 60 minutes improve our mental and Physical health. Meditation helps in reducing BP, bad cholesterol, stress and heart disease. it also increases our willpower and makes us feel happy.

In this post, we will learn one of the most powerful yet easy methods of meditation. It is believed that Buddha practice this meditation method in his initial stage.

Sit comfortably in any Aasan. keep your back neck and head straight. Rest your palm on the knee in Gyan mudra which means Tip of Thumb and index finger touching each other. Now close your eyes if you put glasses remove it. It is important to close your eyes in meditation if you are not doing any object meditation.

Now concentrate on your breath focus on, in and out breathing. Do not try to change your breathing patterns. Breath naturally. It is not Pranayama or breathing exercise. Keep all your focus at the front of your nose like a gatekeeper watching your breath. If you practiced this meditation technique at least 15 minutes every day within 7 days you will come to know by which nostril whether left or right you are breathing. And within 15 days you will feel which part of your nostril breathe is touching. practice at least 1 month and feel the difference in your overall health. if you have any questions let me know in the comment box.

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