Smartphone addiction and their effects

Smartphone addiction is becoming a big problem. The average person spends Over 4 hours per day on the phone which means over 1/6 of our days. It might be time to think about reducing our screen time. Studies claim that the more you use your phone, the higher the risk of becoming addicted.

Smartphone addiction effects

Research investigating the relationships between smartphone technology habits and one’s memory and knowledge capabilities is still scant, but available findings indicate that, as some have worried, smartphone-related habits can in some cases be detrimental to mnemonic functioning.

Smartphones making us physically lethargic, as well as new research, indicates they may likewise be making our brain also lazy. Individuals who for the most part run with their guts when settling on choices are more inclined to depend on their phone’ search engine than their own mental ability.

Too much smartphone use may not cost you just time, but it may also steal your happiness, hindering advancement in children, and diminishing scholarly and social potential in college students. kids spending less time playing face-to-face because of the smartphone, affecting their eyes and brain development.

Social media increases feelings of loneliness. its also killing our ability to interact with humans in real life, we need to create balance in real and virtual life.

Here’s how to reduce phone time:

  • Disable all unnecessary notifications
  • Delete all the social media apps (I access through browser)
  • When you feel the urge to check your phone, divert your thinking
  • Put your phone in other room and laziness helps.
  • Set up phone free periods every day while busy doing something else.
  • keep your bedroom phone free at night.
  • Develop reading habits
  • Spend more quality time with your loved one.
  • Shock yourself by finding out how much you’re using your phone
  • Reply to text messages just three times a day
  • Lock with an annoyingly long password
  • wear a wristwatch with alarm function

Mobile phones are intended to enable us to lead better and more gainful lives. But when we overuse it, we become slaves to our phone. This influences our relationships, work, and life.

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